Saturday, January 8, 2011

the sea, the sun, and the sky...

as i was driving through my car through the highway the ocean looked
 so quiet. i stopped. keeping my mind still and looking at the ocean
at about 4-5 pm, when the sun is on the lower side, the ocean looked like a
barren desert.i felt like taking a stroll on it. the irony here was that i am afraid
 of going into water and here i was ready to take a stroll on it. somehow
this desert looked stretched out miles and there was no knowing
where the sky and the ocean met. it felt as said, that the sun was sinking in the
ocean!!!haha..what was somewhat more beautiful was the reflection of the sun
 in the water. i could see the reflection of the sun stretching upto the beach.
it was beautiful. i mean it stretched from the very horizon to the beach. it felt
like the sun was stretching out its hands to touch my feet.and then i let it do
that. i stepped into the water. and let the sun near my feet. the feeling of water
touching my feet felt awesome. the water was cold which felt great.
although the sun rays played no effect on the temp of the water or my legs,
somehow watching it on my legs felt funny and awesome. so i sat there.and i
looked at the magnificent sun, the sky and the ocean. there it lay at its full
stretch, with no obstructions and somehow it mocked me. it told me to come,
walk on the ocean and touch it. touch the sun. it felt so tempting. i wanted to
see the sun go down in the ocean. i felt like it is taking away all my past
sorrows away with him. at that point a thought struck me. the sun comes
everyday and goes away.people say so many things to it. they throw or offer
so many things to it. it watches the world everyday. but still it follows its routine
 it does the same old stupid and boring job everyday. but what about us?
we keep our sorrows to us. we keep thinking about our past. our nature changes
the very minute someone says anything to us, about us. can i be like the sun?
or should i be like the sun?it is the very emotion that i display that makes
me what i am.