Sunday, March 13, 2011

the dream

it was very different
very strange
 it started with all of us friends were going in a train.
 you were with us. we were talking and having fun. and u gave me something. something that looked like a coin and u told me to keep it with me. then i went on the top seat. i was jumping, cracking jokes, very happy.
  u were just smiling and laughing and then suddenly something happened. everything started going away.
  not that everyone was dying or stuff was melting.
 they just went away in a very strange way. which was scary. i could see them all going away. and i could see my scary face. it was all red. red everywhere.then only me, my seat and the coin like thing remained.
  then the seat went.
and the coin which was now in my hand, it became hot. red hot. it melted away right through my hand. but i did not feel anything.

  and then i lost my body. i felt so free. and i felt i could see everything. and nothing
 nothing existed.
just me.
 everything is fake.
 why do we have the ego?
why do we fight?
 why do we love?
  the only reason we exist is because we have to exist.
then why am i leading my self into emotion?
 i felt detachment towrds everything. and that moment was beautiful. it felt real. i was free. just floated in the air. and that feeling was...blissful. after some time everything broke down. i was back i had the coin in my hand. everyone was there u were smiling at me and then u  went away. no no. u were there.
u just innocently looked at me and asked what happened? why are u looking like that and u smiled!!
  everyone was acting like as if nothing had happened and maybe nothing had happened. i checked if i had the coin or not. it was not there
  or maybe it was.
i dont remember
i was just left with the feeling.
and then i woke up from my sleep. it was all a dream.
i have never remembered any dream. this one is by far the most clear dream. this is i guess the only dream that i can think of i remember. somehow it left some impression on me. it made me thinking a lot. the faces were so clear. the color was blood red. i felt numbness. dont know what i felt honestly. dont know what happened.
did not feel awesome. did not feel anything. it was complete numbness. 

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

a deep thought...

while we celebrate birth, while we celebrate the beginning of the new life we show sorrow and resentment towards death. why? i have never been able to understand why? aren't both the processes interlinked?it has been said again and again that in Bhagvad Gita, Lord Krishna says that a soul leaves the old body and takes a new one just as we leave our old clothes and take new one. without death there will be no birth.

people celebrate in life without realizing that this life has resulted in someone's death somewhere.

similarly people mourn in death without realizing that this death has taken life somewhere.

one needs to understand that this life and death is a circle. it keeps on happening irrespective of everything. where there is nothing to be sad about it, there is nothing to be happy about it either. both are beautiful. they have to be! after all they are gods creation. they are nature's gift to us. perhaps the only way to restart a life all over again and do everything from the very start. the only way to come over the emotions we have towards them is by being inert towards them.
but isnt it the emotions that we have towards them that make us human?it is the emotions, the way we think that make us different from other people. it is our very own emotions that make us special. and on the same hand to escape this suffering, we have to become inert.
yes this is confusing. this is a big problem that life throws at us. if we kill the emotions we  r insensitive. and if we keep them, freedom from the suffering is nowhere near.

so..what should we do??