Wednesday, September 7, 2011

open your eyes!!

what if i did not have my eyes. what if i was blind? would it really matter to me if i made the mistakes that i am making now. i mean typing mistakes. i could have pressed any keys on the keyboard and satisfy myself that i have written it correctly. similarly in our life we do almost everything with our eyes closed and assume that we have done it correctly.
open your eyes oh fool! and see what are you doing. is it really correct or are you making a mistake. dont be blind and satisfy yourself. open your eyes and correct yourself. making mistakes is ok. but ignoring them. not rectifying them and moving on carefree will not make what you are writing correct and beautiful.

Monday, September 5, 2011

just for reading..the five senses..

we have 5 senses to call our, touch, speech, hearing,
taste. have we ever actually realized the value of these senses?they
are just so perfect. as to satisfy all our needs and desires. they are
so perfect and we are so used to it, that we completely neglect them,
and dont even realise the role that they play in our daily lives. we
have lill or no control over them. we just use them. but we have no
control of how much to use it. have you ever thought of what will
happen if even one of these senses die away? have you ever thought
what will happen if we cant see? or if we cant hear? or what if we
dont feel the taste of food? how would it feel to loose all of it?
they are just so perfectly there.

they so perfectly fullfill our desires. while fulfilling them, they
make us know what are our desires. if we loose the sense or our
senses, then we may actually understand what our body craves for, and
what our desire is.

have you ever tried to work by killing one of your sense? sometimes i
have danced with my eyes closed. at times i walked as little as 20-30
metres blindly. the experience was exhilarating. it was exciting. to
do something blindfolded.....but when you involve this practice more
practically more practically in your life you will realise there is no
thrill. its actually very scary. just think. no recognition of
colours. you dont know what you are dont know what is
infront of you. you have no idea of how beautiful the person you are
kissing is..
or when you cant hear...think of have no idea whats going
on...there is this deafening silence. silence would not
even truly understand what silence is, because for you there is
nothing else...
all of the fivce senses are equally say one has more
value than the other is stupidity. if you feel any of the senses is
less valuable...try not usiing it..and you will realize how miserable
it makes your life. but.
and now the big BUT.
if you actually learn to stop using your senses. just imagine. with
the pain you will truly understand your body. you will truly
understand what it needs and what it desires. you will truly
understand the difference between a need and a desire. maybe you will
start valuing life more. you will take care of your body in a better
way. you will apppreciate things in a better way.
by practicing blindness, one may understand beauty in a better light.
by being dumb, one will realize the value of words.
by being by being deaf. one will realize how beautiful the sounds different the sounds are. one will realize the power of
noise and the power of silence.
by being insensitive to will realize how sensitive
everything is. how different everything feels. how soft and fragile
our body is.
by supressing taste, one will realize how different different food
tastes. one will realize that we need not only sweet, but sour and
other types of food.
all of these will also help us in uderstanding about life. how we need
some things while we dont need other.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

i think that is what life is....

what is life? why do we exist?
perhaps to be with give direction to me.
we need a direction in life. an aim.
we must have someone to guide us.
someone who can point the way to us..
then it is our job to find the way.
while i stand alone, searching for meaning of life..
i see that you already know what life is...
i see you looking at it...with such intense gaze.
you know perfectly where you are looking.
you know perfectly where you have to go.
take me there with you please...
there is a crowd behind me..everybody is searching for the right direction.
having you by my side..i feel i have a certain advantage.

what is life? why do we exist?
i don't know. please tell me.
what? you also don't know??!!
but you look so confident. so calm!
it looks like you know the way.
oh you do know the way.
but you don't know what it is?
i see you have reached far ahead of me on the road.
 i am still tensed. i don't know how the road is. it looks tough.
but you give me strength.
someone around you looks happy. looks like he is walking with you.
looks like he has been walking with you since quite long.
how did i get left behind? how come i am late?and how come he is smiling?
 is the road that comfortable? or is it that he has you walking by his side?

what is life? why do we exist?
maybe it is to follow you. to be with you.
it gives such happiness. such joy.
is there more to life than that? doesn't feel like it.
having you here is enough.i think that is what life is.

Friday, September 2, 2011

just you

and its the smile on your face which brings ecstacy to me....when you close your eyees and smile, and when you give that look in which you are all is then that i open my eyes..i look at you..and i find happiness...i find everything right there...and sometimes i am jealous when i see someone near you...someone else so close to you....and other times i am happy...i feel it is me who is close to you....i feel i am you....i feel you are something larger than life...i feel angry that i have missed some moments with you...why didnt god introduce me to you earlier!!!all those moments that i have missed...that i can see only in the photographs...i want to live them...
and somehow when i see you....i am able to live are love. you are peace. you are everything. how can one stay not around you!? you are ever are perfection..every statement in favour of still an understatement...i love you.