Friday, February 11, 2011

just a passing thought

everyday we learn, we grow. everyday brings us something new.we have experiences everyday. some change the way we look at the world, some change the way we look at the people. our thoughts are crushed, so is our ego. we laugh and we make others laugh. we cry and we make others cry.all of this makes sure we are moving ahead. we are growing up.some people are born, some die. the balance of life and death, right and wrong has to be maintained. oh yes. some expereinces make us happy and some make us cry. but when did we learn from our happy experiences? it is always the harsh truth. it is always the hammer of the blacksmith which gives a shape to the iron. we have knowledge. we are already iron. all we need to do is remove the negativity. all we need to be is in shape. there is nothing, no quality that we dont have. all we need to do is lose.. it turns out that loosing is fun!! think about it...

Sunday, February 6, 2011

for amit bhaiya...

mela pyala amit are such a cutie pie. when we are near you somehow all our sorrows drain away, and we start behaving like kids. i just look for a excuse to talk to you. and if i am not able to find an excuse, still i call you.. :p  most of the solution to our problems is just listening to your voice. whatever my problem is, when i tell it to you, i feel that my problem is already solved, and when you tell me the solution, i dont do anything but smile. the reason for me to come on saturday is to hug you and see you smiling. bhaiya when you hug me....the feeling is wow. i feel so centered. calm. peaceful. i drop all emotions, and i feel i have everything. when you smile, we feel like a flower has blossomed. your smile brings a smile on our face. you take care of us so easily. you do everything, and you make sure that no one is troubled and everyone is ok. i always observe whatever be the situation, whatever work you give, you always put us first and then the work. talking to you bhaiya is like talking to our self. out all thoughts and leaving out everything. you are soft and delicate like a flower. you are beautiful. you are a teacher, you are a friend. and best of all you brought us such a beautiful and pyari pyari bhabhi!!!
i really dont know what my life was, before meeting you. but i know what my life is after meeting you. i dont remember my past. i dont wanna think about my future. i just wanna be with you. thank god i did the yes+ course. now i have you.
love you amit bhaiya. you are a true inspiration. honestly bhaiya. i dont know anything else. all i know is that i want to be with you. i dont know who you are. i dont know what you are. i dont wanna know anything. all i wanna do is be around you. be it for 1 day in a week. be it one day in a month. but the fact that you are around me is enough to calm me. it is enough to satisfy me.
all i know is you. and nothing else about you.
love you bhaiya. happy birthday. many many happy returns of the day. may god bless you with all his shine. may all your prayers be answered. may your smile inspire more as they do me. may you stay in bliss with guruji. happy birthday my dear amit bhaiya. mela pyala pyala amit bhaiya!!