Monday, July 25, 2011

who is sri sri ravi shankar..

who is this man? why is everyone crazy about him?what does he do?

well to start off..his name is sri sri ravi shankar and people call
him guruji...he is a spiritual teacher.

he carries a certain charisma..which is nowhere to be found...he is
really good with words...he is very loving...loves to have a lot of
fun....he is always smiling...ever so playful....always thinking about
others...he inspires us to for ourselves and work for
others. it feels blissful around him...silence flows around him, as if
it is attached to him.when people are around him...they laugh, they
cry, they shout, they are short they express all their
emotions...anyone who has spent a moment with him...wants to spent
each and every of his remaining moments with guruji...i have seen one
thing which is pretty constant...that when people are around
him..around his personal circle...the first thing that they do is
touch their just go near him and your hands
go and touch your is as if like finally you have found
peace..he is the beehive and the people are the bees...
he is the master.
he is knowledge.
he is the shelter.
he is truly a guru...teacher who helps you through your life.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

tu hans ke dikha de tu...

ye aasman, ye zameen ye sab mujhse kuch kehna chahte hain,
tu hans de parindey, tu hans de aaj,
gum ke aansu, yun na baha aaj.
khushi se jhoom uth, zindagi tu jee le aaj.

kya rakha hai in baaton mein, kya rakha hai in logon mein,
kya rakha ahi in dooriyon mein, kya rakha in nazdeekiyon mein,
kya rakha hai in dilon mein, kya rakha hai in jazbaaton mein,
ae mere dost tu zindagi jee le aaj.

kahin door samandar gehra hai, kahin aasmaan mein ek kohra hai,
kahin dil mein chupe gum hain, kahin aankhein kisiki num hain
kahin chupa kisi ka bachpan hai, kahin dikha kisi ka badappan hai,
insaan wo bhi hai, insaan wo bhi hai,
kahin koi chehkta hai, kahin koi mehekta hai.

samandar ye jo gehra hai, ismein gum ko chupa de tu,
aasman mein ye jo kohra hai, dukh ismein chupa de tu.
logon ko, baaton ko, rishton ko, jazbaaton ko, dooriyon ko nazdeekiyon ko,
in sab ko, haan in sab ko bhula de tu
ae dil aaj hans ke dikha de tu, aa mere saath jhoom uth,
zara hans ke dikha de tu.