Sunday, October 6, 2013

Dream a lill dream of me

"Look at the stars" she said. "dont they look beautiful?"
I looked at her. she was looking gorgeous. oh who cares about the stars?! I smiled. She pulled her knotted hair behind her ear and felt a little shy. Perhaps she noticed i was staring at her and not the stars. 
My heart pumped. Should I tell her my feelings? 
"Dont you find the stars beautiful?" she asked.
What if she rejects me? What if she has no feelings for me?
"Oh come on!" She was definitely getting angry(fake of course). 
I laughed. "They are beautiful" I said looking at her eyes.
She blushed. "i know right! i love to see the stars." she said.
"Yea them too.." I said with a hint of sarcasm.
She nudged me. "uff. you and your dialogues."
I sighed.
I loved it how she rolled her eyes. "God i would take this 2 mile walk to drop her everyday." I told God quietly.  Doesnt matter if she is with me only for a quarter part of it. 
"ok then. we are here." 
" What!! stay no. whats the hurry?" I snapped immediately. 
"Arre I have to cook."
I was silent. I really hoped she takes the clue and invites me for dinner.
"Chalo you go home now" she said. "You are boring anyways. you just stay quite. you dont even look at the stars.."
"I did look at the stars" i interrupted. "I was looking at different stars."
She blushed again. The knot again! Man this walk was the best decision of my life.
"acha. enough. go now. c you tomoro?"
Hell yea!! I said to myself. "Not sure yaar. its a long walk. will let you know." i said with a false sad face. 
"Whatever. C YOU TOMORROW. BE HERE. drama king. clown. BYE!"
i just stood there for a moment and finally looked up at the gas balls they call stars. yea they are beautiful. i started back...humming, hoping..dream a little dream of me....

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