Thursday, May 19, 2011

confusion of decisions....

life is all about choices...isnt it? we have two things to choose from. so what is the first thing that we do when we are given two options?
we classify them. we classify them as either good or bad. or maybe as something good or less good or more good.  or we loose our capacity to classify and keep on wasting our mind in the attempt to classify because it is only after its classification that we can actually make the choice.
i myself was stuck in one such dilemma. should i do this or that? what do i do? days i thought...hours i thought..minutes i thought and the mind i wasted. time went by and nothing fruitful came. in my tension of what to do, how to decide, i gave my tensions to others.
and then it clicked. what if i stop pondering on it. what if i just level them both as awesome?the path is different but the goal is same!
let him make the choice. after all it is him who gave me two let him decide! i dont want to waste my mind!
so i have dropped my thoughts. i have dropped my feverishness of choices. have left everything to him.
you must be thinking that i am crazy...that i am still not at a decision. but i am one step ahead. my mind is at peace. i can concentrate on my work better. i need not waste my mind and energy on decision making. i will let him do it..he who has endless energy. i know he will select the best for me.

tensed i was, options i had a lot,
dont what to do, and what not.
at one hand was this and at the other that.
one was correct, but the other was not wrong,
my feelings for both of them were too strong.
confused i pondered, day and night,
a solution was no sir, nowhere in sight.
and then i called up him, for he gave me the choice,
you do the thinking, you make the choice.
for me both are awesome, one has to be done.
i dropped my hurry, and my worries were none.
for i knew that his choices are good, and he knows best,
he will do the work and i will rest!
i will not complain, for i dont know which one is better and which one is not!
i will just follow your lead, for you are the god.
ah am so peaceful, i feel so free...
just cant describe the feeling..i feel so free..