Thursday, December 2, 2010

maybe. just maybe. i know the secret to happiness :)

and finally she is online after 3 days...damn i missed her...dont know why i miss her but i do... :)...i dont even miss my girlfriend that much ...i pinged her...
"hi, how r u? kahan thi itne din?" i said
"i  went bak home."...i was kinda surprised. i mean her exams are 13 days away and she is a good student. why would go home so suddenly and that too without even leaving a message??
she continued "i was contemplating suicide, and i dint wanna attempt"
"wtf!!" were my precise words...
and then she explained "it was all happening at once. bianca's surgery(her roommate). exams. loneliness. him(meaning her boyfriend)"
"its very stressful. i felt so lonely and detached. like i am alone.i lost my power. i lost confidence in god."she said.
honestly...i was shocked and also scared.
" why dint you call me?" i asked.
and pat came the known excuse" no balance".
"i knew u would scold me. thats why i was afraid to tell u. but i promise i wont do it. i was only thinking about it. i did not do anything. i promise."
for a moment i really felt bad."i trust you, you know. you dont need to promise me. i believe what you say." somehow i felt she was crying. honestly i dont know if she acually was.
so i started saying "yaar you shouldnt feel like this, life shows a lot of things. you think your problems are big? my problems are this and that"
and she said " buddy i have already analyzed everything.each and everything bugs me. at that point of time i was really alone. i was scared. i dint know what to do."
and then i asked her about her problems...i gave her some advice...i told her to do some stuff and something else but her answers gave me a hint that i was doing more harm than good.and then somehow i cracked a joke on her...
the reply was"hehehe"
and then maybe i knew the answer to everything.she knew her problems. she can solve her problems better than me anyday. she doesnt need help with problem solving. what she needs is a break from them. she wants to talk to someone who doesnt read her his own problems but enjoys every moment with her.
" are you cooking dinner?" i asked despite knowing the answer.
"no mumma is cooking it"she said
"thank god!!because if u would have cooked dinner, everyone would be contemplating suicide!!!"
and she was all laughs...i joked and joked and joked and she laughed and laughed and laughed. in the end she said she wanted to go and study for her exam. somehow i didnt wanna let her go because suddenly talking to her felt so much fun!!!
it took us 20 mins 8 jokes some cursing some stupid egoistic taunts and about 16 smileys to say goodbye to her. and in the end i received my gift...she left me a message saying " super duper gadha"
gadha...she always say that to me when she is happy. and i dont know how and why...but its so heavenly to hear this word from her. i feel like crying and laughing out loud at the same time. and super duper gadha!
somehow i rested assured that everything's gonna be ok. everything will be fine.
i knew how to make her laugh. i knew how to make her cry. i myself knew how to laugh. and i knew how to cry. small talks of happiness can lighten up any heart with a heavy load. people dont need others to solve their problems. they just need a hand to hold and laugh out loud. they just need someone with whom they can stop cribbing over their life and start laughing and enjoying it.
and now. its my time to smile and rest. time to talk my girlfriend.
and maybe. just maybe.i know the secret to happiness.