Monday, April 18, 2011

Love Story...Girls Side!!

Distance never separates any relation, Time never builds any relation. if feelings are true from heart, then we are always together.

Remember the first day we talked!!
She:" hey!! i have doubt in this numerical, could you help me out?"
Him:"oh!!Tjis one, its very simle. do this and that..( even i didnt knew the same)"

We became friends because of  'Resonance' the Physics seminar.
She:"i have heard that u are doing a research work. could you help me search some topics for resonance?"
Him:"Sure why not! come to the library and we will search for the same"

We became bestest friends. started spending time together!!
The NIT garden!!!
we used to
etc etc

Time started passing. we spent 4 years!! a long journey together.
She: "hey!! what are your hobbies? what do you do in leisure time? i do....."
Him:"i like playing, gossiping, gaming, masti and masti..."

Oops!! i forgot.. sometimes u did hurt me a lot. this is the punishment!
She:"Hold your ears, kneel down and say sorry 100 times so that you forget hurting me...hahahaha"

Now it was time for you to return...
She:"Atleast give me some memories...uff!!! memories dont mean materialistic....its ok...chalega..enough for me!!"

you are going!!happy journey! will meet again!!
She:" usual!! atleast shut the window panes of the plane!!dont wave your hands outside the plane!!"
She:"all the best tweety!! fulfill your dreams"

At last

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Thursday, April 14, 2011

just another love story

hey...goodbye.. tu kal aa raha hai ki nahin?
haan haan...i will be here..

and she is gone.i dont want her to go, but there is no reason to stop her. there is nothing more to say. all i want to do is spend time with her. just another 15 mins..but she is gone. little does she know that all the pranks that i do are to make her smile, and to bring that expression on her face. that expression in which she acts that she is all annoyed by the pranks but in actual she is enjoying it..
our meetings are pretty short. sometimes she talks to me. sometimes she just looks at me once, gives me a  smile and go away. i love that beautiful smile of her...
i search for reasons everyday to call her... and when i find the reason...i am scared to call her. what will she think? what if she feels annoyed? what if she doesnt wanna talk? what if she hangs up? what if she doesnt pick u and not call back?
god help me!
i am not a stalker..oh no i am not. but i cant help look at her. she is so...i dont know what. but i cant help look at her when she is around. that is the only thing that i wanna do!! and how on earth is she so naughty and yet so sweet?! how is she beautiful AND smart? that is not possible! ok maybe she is not smart...otherwise she would not be talking to me...yeah...maybe she is dumb..but she is so intelligent!!...
but by god she is amazing!!she has that special power to uplift my spirit by just looking at me. and i love it when she spots me and come towards me crossing all the crowd of people between us..god!

there are so many things that i want to say to her...but somehow when i see her i forget them all.. the only thing i do is look at her...
and the only thing i do is i look at her...

Sunday, April 10, 2011

when i met sri sri ravi shankar...

march 9 2011. i was with him. i saw him for the first time. there were four of us and guruji. he was talking to everyone and he did not even looked at me.i had really wanted some personal time with him and this was it!  i had so many questions to ask him... he was so awesome!!he was energetic, peaceful, witty, laughing and short!! i had expected him to be taller!! i just kept looking at him and did not say a word. i was just lost in him. and before i realized the destination came. i was just happy that i got to spend time around him and see how amazing, dynamic, untiring, amazing, handsome, happy, always thinking about others, talkative, :) , naughty and amazing he is. then the rest of the three people got out. and it was just me and him. and just at that moment he turned, looked at me, he smiled and put his hand on my head. and in that second i felt like he understood everything i wanted to say. his eyes said everything. it was just me and him and no one else and nothing else.i did not ask any questions and he gave me all my was like he showed me the world. i understood what being around him means and of what great value it is...

i would do anything to get another of that second to spend with him...
this is my experience when i met sri sri ravi shankar...and who he is?.......he is my guru.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

the nirma song!!

this song is created by our very awesome Basanth bhaiya....and it has been prepared on the tune of washing powder nirma...

i am considering the simle fact that you guys remeber the washing powder nirma ad and its tune....
so here goes..
radhe shyam krishna,
radhe shyam krishna,
radha bechari...krishna ke peeche,
krishna badmaash pada gopiyon ke peeche..
sab ki pasand krishna!!
radhe shyam krishna..krishna!!